For the elegant party and style, our VIP Lounge furniture is what you need to give your guests the feeling of a sleek, elegant, and modern event.

We provide various types of lounge furniture to help give your party the feeling of a five-star venue. Our sleek and elegant furniture is always available for rental with or without our light-up decor and DJ services.

Lounge Furniture

Our Lounge furniture includes Love seats, accent chairs, ottomans, and center tables. Our furniture can be delivered to you whenever needed and all set up and pick up will be handled by us. No matter the party, no matter the venue, our furniture can elevate your party to VIP status.

Our available VIP lounge furniture makes us a go-to for any event as we can turn any venue into an upscale ballroom that your guests won't see coming. With our combinations of sleek furniture and lighting combos with our light towers, you can immerse yourself into a party with an ambiance your guests won’t forget.

Not only can this help set the mood for more elegant parties, but this setup can also help you create a high-end dance club feel as well. Depending on your arrangement of the furniture and what you would like to rent, we can turn any random gym hall into a bumpin' club that will wow anyone who comes in. Just call and ask about our VIP lounge furniture and we can help you pick the selection you need to get the theme you want.

We also provide excellent customer service that you won’t find with other furniture renters. We can not only deliver and set up the party, but we can also help with planning your layout and theme so you can hold the event you’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t take an experienced designer to plan the perfect party, but with our help, you can make sure that your party is in safe and helping hands.

Our VIP Lounge Furniture includes:

  • Loveseats: 32x29x29 inches
  • Ottomans: 18x18x16 inches
  • Accent Chairs: 32x22x17 inches
  • Center Tables: 32x16x16 inches

Lounge Furniture

Transform Your Party

Our lounge furniture is what you need to make your guests feel like not just a regular patron, but one of the most important people of the night. Our sleek and elegant lounge furniture will give your guests more than just the feeling of elegance, but the memory of a fun and upscale party.