Dance Floors and light columns are a must-have for any party, with delivery, installation, programming, and pick-up all provided by us.

Our light columns and dance floors are available with or without our DJ services and will make a welcome addition to any party. Our dance floor can be customized for any sized party, with no limit to how small or large you can make it. On top of this, our light towers can be used to accompany our dancefloor or anything else and give your setting some extra ambiance.


Dance Floor

The lit dancefloor is a color-changing platform that has become a must-have centerpiece for any event. We will deliver, install, program, and pick up once your event has come to an end. The lighted dancefloor panel measurements are 1-meter square and can be set up in a square or rectangular area. Please call us with approximate measurements of the dancefloor you would like as we currently have over 10 different sizes available. The lighted dancefloor is strongly recommended to be laid on top of a flat cement area since the floor will take the shape of the surface. Dancefloors being laid on top of grass, dirt, or rocks will require an additional cost, to attempt to level out the surface by using a wooden template.

Light Towers

In addition to our beautiful lighted dance floor, we also provide several lighted columns that can match any color you like. These towers are 4’ wide by 7’ high and can be used to accompany any major area of your parties such as the cake table, sign-in table, gift table, entryways, stage corners, or even the corners of the dance floor. These lighted columns can either be static in their lighting, slowly flashing through set patterns, or even synced up with the light-up dance floor. Call or email us for more information on the combo packages we have in regards to these lighted columns.

Lighting & Dancefloor

Light Up the Night

When you want to give your guests a party they’ll be talking about for years after the event ends, our lit dance floor and lit towers will give you that extra boost to make your weekend party an event they won’t soon forget. No matter the size, no matter the event, our light-up equipment will always be a must to liven up any party.